Pensieri sparsi: una grafica che mi piace

Oggi vorrei semplicemente mostrare una grafica che mi ha colpito, per il suo apparente disordine, così lontano dallo stile di un e-commerce tradizionale.

Si percepisce che si tratta di un caos studiato, infatti siamo nella sezione “garage sale” .
Se mi sposto sulle altre categorie, tutto torna alla linearità.

Per chi fosse curioso e volesse approfondire, il sito è

Annunci | extraordinary web for kids

Preview of the first Italian 2.0 website for kids at the Bologna Children’s Bookfair, the first Italian 2.0 website for 5 year-old kids upward, was previewed at the Bologna Children’s Bookfair. Thanks to the tools that offers, children will be able to build their own webpage directly online, in an original, funny and spontaneous way.

The users’ space will be constantly updated and modified and it will start a game that changes continously.

Users can develop and customise their webpages by using the kidgets, the digital toys which make up webpages. Thanks to a considerable kidget library, children can create and customise their webpages on and insert ready-made or original contents. The kidgets library is constantly increasing and offers a wide set of activities such as drawing, colouring, devising stories and comics, playing, watching videos, finding out about myths, animals, art, science and everything else that fascinates and tickles the children’s curiosity.


Through the creation of the webpages and the choice of the kidgets, children can share their passions ans interests: from sport to nature, from fashion to music. tries to stimulate an active and creative approach to new technologies and, at the same time, kids are given the chance to become careful and judicious internet users. interface and topics are designed expressively for children so that they can find out the opportunities offered by the internet in an easy, direct and safe way. offers to parents an innovative and high-quality website with which their children can step into the web for the first time. guarantees a safe use of the internet through an advanced and straightforward system of parental control. Thanks to a proper operating panel with restricted access, parents can monitor their kids’ activities on the website, for instance by turning on the “invisible” mode, enable or disable functionalities and restrict the use of the Internet during certain hours of the day. In order to offer further supervision, does not provide any direct contact tools for the users and does not require personal information during the registration phase or later. also includes kidsearch, a directory of over 2000 safe websites suitable for children and approved by the team of will be released in a three language version (Italian, English and French) and is a “made in Italy” product. From September the English and French version will be available. was developed by a 10-year experienced teamwork that operates in multimedia and children’s software. “After several months of hard work, we’re proud to present, a product which was created to give children the right web solution to surf the Internet in an innovative, interactive and funny way” declared Giuseppe D’Arpino, managing director of srl. is free. In the next few weeks a “private beta” programme will be released, accessible on invitation. To subscrive to the beta version or to receive more preview information on, please visit the website:

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