The McCartneys present a part-time vegetarian option: Meat Free Monday

“Meat Free Monday” is their new initiative to encourage meat-eaters to forgo carnivorous meals for one day each week and – although it may seem like an empty gesture – McCartney insists it will be impactful.

The McCartneys present a part-time vegetarian option ( UK)


The graffiti that’s good for the environment

Edina Tokodi brings the greenery of the countryside to the city with her installations, many of which you can see at Inhabitat. “City dwellers often have no relationship with animals or greenery”, says Tokodi: “As a public artist I feel a sense of duty to draw attention to deficiencies in our everyday life.”

Via: Hippyshopper

Can you help the planet just by searching the web?

The Bite
We don’t just think you can. We know you can. Little search engines that could support your fave causes and save energy – and are as free and as easy to use as Google.

The Benefits

  • The same good results. These search engines pull their results from the Google or Yahoo databases.
  • Donating to charity. Get on the donation train – each search you do via a charity search engine generates about $0.01 for good causes (the money comes from the ads on search-engine sites).
  • Saving energy. Some engines have a dark background color instead of white, which when viewed on older, CRT monitors – consumes 20% less energy than typical engines.

Wanna Try?

  • GoodSearch – powered by Yahoo, it donates 50% of revenues to a charity you choose each time you search.
  • Blackle – an unofficial black version of Google that uses less energy than the white version on some screens (for a more colorful option, try The Green Spider).
  • CatchTomorrow – customizable news, weather, and search options; donates 50% of revenues to the public school district of your choice.
  • Green Maven – though it’s not for charity, this Google-based search engine yields results from green-related websites only.