Contemporary art and China: UCCA, Ullens Center Of Contemporary Art

Opened on 5th November 2007, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) is situated in a 8,000m2 Bauhaus styled factory building in the Dashanzi Art District in Beijing. Aiming to be China’s most comprehensive institute for contemporary arts, UCCA plans to engage a wide audience through a variety of activities and facilities: Three exhibition halls will show cutting edge contemporary art from China and around the world; a cultural events program will engage people with film, music, and dialogue; our contemporary art research room will be the only one of its kind in Beijing; and an education program will bring people into closer contact with the art, the artists, and their ideas.

UCCA works in conjunction with the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation, a vigorous supporter of Chinese artistic practice that has one of the largest collections of Chinese contemporary art in the world.



3 risposte a "Contemporary art and China: UCCA, Ullens Center Of Contemporary Art"

  1. UCCA is a great place to provide an even greater exposure to visionary artists of Chinese descent – along with bringing a greater awareness and need of their inclusion within the worldwide/international communities.

    I will highly recommend this institution to televised events in the U.S. that are promoting a greater awareness/profile/integration/etc. that are promoting on building/strengthening relationships between China/Asia and the United States.
    One potential event can be found at (temporary website) for one’s review.

    J. Lee
    Editor: US Asians


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